Simplicity vs. impact. Which is more important?

With new technology, at first, the answer is simplicity. Skale was built as a mobile-first experience because we started out by connecting retail sales reps during their downtime to practice sales skills with each other. They were, by their definition, mobile, and so, for that reason, so was Skale.

Today, however, most of us are interacting with each other back at our desks on our computers. So, for that reason, we’re on the verge of the launch of Skale for the web. Here are the convenience-driven reasons we’ve prioritized the web.

  • No more app download to try it
  • A quick link and you’re in a Summit
  • Easy to incorporate as a part of another meeting

But what about impact? Skale for the web does two things for the trajectory of the Skale platform. It:

  1. Enables teachers to connect their students. It’s finally a given that students have access to some kind of computer, but not to a phone. Teachers are literally reinventing school right in front of our eyes this year, but it remains difficult to get students talking to students. Meaningful peer collaboration is our superpower.
  2. Makes it more likely that people will bring the rest of the internet into their discussions. Whiteboards, articles, videos, etc.

We can’t wait to see what you do with it!