When you learn something from me, you’re learning from countless others that I’ve been lucky enough to learn from. You’re learning from my dad, who taught me that hard=good. You’re learning from my friends, who taught me that everyone is a little weird and when in doubt, play. You’re learning from my business partners, my employees, my children, my teachers, my customers, a dog I once had, and not to get too far out there, from hikes and bike rides I’ve taken in the mountains.

Who am I learning from when I talk to you?

Simplicity vs. impact. Which is more important?

With new technology, at first, the answer is simplicity. Skale was built as a mobile-first experience because we started out by connecting retail sales reps during their downtime to practice sales skills with each other. …

Hi Team Leaders, Team Members, and others who like to see teams thrive,

We’re proud to announce Skale 2.0.

In our 1.0 version, the goal was to create a product that would enable people to interact with the core Skale concept; that amazing things happen when you regularly connect members…

Remember Happy Hour?

For those who don’t: Some Thursday or Friday afternoons we used to leave work and go somewhere else. We’d have casual drinks or light snacks and talk about work, a little. We’d talk about family and hobbies. We’d talk about our shared passion for the work, whether…

Skale deploys conversations throughout a community through what we call Learning Summits.

Our team of designers works with your community or company leaders to match your goals with prompts that guide peer to peer conversations without needing to stand over their shoulder.

We also certify Teachers and Training professionals to deploy their own conversations through our admin platform.

Contact Skale to design your custom summit or take it for a spin with one of our free Happy Hour Summits.

Not a late April Fools joke. I left NVIDIA on April 1st to go fast alongside the team at Skale. Skale has been paddling hard in the direction that multiple waves are now cresting (surfers reality-check me please) for the past few years and there’s no way that we come out of this next decade without some form of what Skale has built, everywhere.

It turns out that there major portions of school, work, and socializing that we can do virtually. It also turns out that it can’t all be done in Zoom.

It turns out that quarantine reinforces social bubbles. And it turns out that we can’t accept that.

Skale restores the connection that digital breaks down. And we do it with a focus on learning.

If you want to see what we’ve built, do reach out. We’re just getting started:)

Mike Mendelson

Learning about learning

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